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Секреты Лимурии

First part of a series in which Almine speaks of Lemuria. It was recorded during the pod week in Ohio. Various students had commented that Almine's face seemed altered. It was indeed undergoing some sort of metamorphosis and the clips recorded the next day reveal again a different face.


It has been commented that it is genes - not chromosomes - that determine genetic complexity such as height. Almine knows nothing of biology and indeed acknowledges that this is currently the position of official theory. However, this is her response:

"My information comes primarily from personal experience and automatic speaking and writing. There are two other sources that I often need assistance with from the many scientists and experts in my classes: sometimes when I don't have technical language I see symbolically or in pictures - which they then help explain to me. Secondly, I am given information from beings in other realms including (on very rare occasions) from star beings.

In 2004 four female students and myself were taken on board an Andromedan ship intermittently for a week. The former NASA scientist dr. Fred Bell saw one of the Andromedans with me.

They are the ones that provided me with information regarding the anatomy of change I describe in "Journey to the Heart of God". They had explained to me that there are different heights of humanoid beings across the cosmos with 30 ft giants being the largest. They had said that our study of human genetics was confined to the race and height of humans encountered on Earth. They said that the largest giants had chromosomes (and I'm very sorry I cannot remember the exact number) numbering in the 50s. It was this very scant information that I commented on in a field that I know nothing about.

It doesn't mean that because they said it, that it is necessarily correct. But because they had encountered other races (and I have since during mystical travelling encountered giants of various sizes), I had assumed they knew more about genetics of humanoids and their variances than textbook 101 biology.

I have many scientists and experts in my classes and it is through their very invaluable input that I often find the correct verbiage to describe the complex images that I see of the nature of reality.

I have nothing to prove and everything to learn and I welcome your comments.




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